Spots and Bella


Spots and Bella are mother and son. Bella(buff) is 5 and Spots(brown & white) is 3. They are so friendly and get along great with other animals and kids. They need to stay together so they must g to a home together. 



Angel ia a 5 year red cocker spaniel that came to us from Kingman Humane Society. He is such a snuggle bug and loves kids! He would do so good in a home with small kids! He has energy and loves to play and roll around with you. he also loves walking and being outside. he gets along with other animals as well. he is also doggy door trained.


Rainbow Bridge 

Moe is a 16 year old that we rescued from Maricopa County shelter. He gets along great with other dogs and loves to sleep. He would do well with a retired person or couple so he could lay around and snuggle and get rubs all day long.

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