‚Äč        Angels Saving Those In Need



Roxy is 7 years old and her owner passed away so Roxy's family is looking for a new family to love her. Roxy is looking for home without other pets or kids. Roxy just wants to sit and cuddle and follow you everywhere! Roxy is completely house trained and doggy door trained and just sleeps if someone isn't home. She recently had a trainer work on learning some commands and she was very smart and picked them up fast! The family is also willing to pay for the trainer to help the new owner in the transition if needed. If you are ready for a new companion that wants and will give unconditional love, then contact us to meet Roxy!



Lincoln came to us from a family that bought him at a pet store. Lincoln is Meryl which means 2 Meryl's were bred which caused him to have an issue with one eye and has caused him to go deaf. Lincoln is able to see fine with 1.5 eyes and he is learning sign language. Lincoln is the sweetest boy though and just wants to go on long walks and play! He gives unconditional love and just wants to be loved in return. He is 5 years old and is looking for an active family and he does well with kids and other pets. Lincoln does very well with kids and is doggy door trained. Lincoln does need a family that someone either works out of the home and can be home most of the time because he deals with separation anxiety.



Zoey came from the Maricopa County shelter were she was found as a stray. Zoey was very neglected and had a UTI and several cracked teeth. We were able to fix her up and giving her medicine for her UTI. She is looking for a home to love her and care for her in her senior years to make up for her years of neglect. Zoey is probably around 10 years old.